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Aug 10, 2010
Vick and Leach Winners of 2010 UK Songwriting Contest

Feb 8, 2010
TrueHeart Awarded Two Davey Awards

Jan 28, 2010
Gig at White Rock Coffee


Sep 2, 2008
Critical Acclaim for "The Road!"

Feb 21, 2008
Radio Thanks

Aug 24, 2007
"The Road" Reaches Number 28 at Billboard


Feb 8, 2010

TrueHeart Awarded Two Davey Awards

Plan for Peace Music Video Recognized

DALLAS-Singer/songwriter Ross Vick joined with Brenda Taylor, owner of Dallas based Taylor'd Productions to create the award winning music video "Plan for Peace." "Plan for Peace is written in such a way that you can apply the words to the situation that is occurring in your life at the moment." Said songwriter Ross Vick. "I was thinking of a good friend struggling with some heart rending family matters when I penned the "His Glory, His Pain" first line of the song, but as I played the song for others, they made the leap directly to the His in the song to mean God, and I was okay with that because the double entendre lyric is always a favorite of mine. The listener can make it their own, and those who don't have to be spoon fed the story will definitely find meaning in this song." Vick continued, "Brenda and I had a meeting and we agreed upon the direction we would take and beyond me showing up and making annoying comments from time to time during the shoot, it was wholly Brenda's direction and creative input gives the video a special look. Our family has members who have served in the military dating back to the founding of the nation and the photos used in the scenes which include my daughter Taylor writing out her own Plan for Peace are of family members and of friends currently serving in the Middle East." The Plan for Peace single was released in the winter of 2008 and climbed to a top 30 chart position on the FMQB/AC chart. You can view the video at www.rossvick.com; www.myspace.com/truehearttexas; youtube.com/ Vick will be conducting songwriting workshops later this month at the Highland Park Literary Festival. www.hplitfest.org

Davey Awards (Ross Vick)