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Aug 10, 2010
Vick and Leach Winners of 2010 UK Songwriting Contest

Feb 8, 2010
TrueHeart Awarded Two Davey Awards

Jan 28, 2010
Gig at White Rock Coffee


Sep 2, 2008
Critical Acclaim for "The Road!"

Feb 21, 2008
Radio Thanks

Aug 24, 2007
"The Road" Reaches Number 28 at Billboard


Sep 2, 2008

Critical Acclaim for "The Road!"

The music is getting out there and people are getting it!

TrueHeart "The Road," 2007 Decidedly and unabashedly mainstream, TrueHeart, aka singer-songwriter Ross Vick and whoever is backing him up, actually lists Christopher Cross as an influence on his MySpace page. That takes cajones. He is a mid-life career-changer from Texas -- now off the corporate merry-go-round-who has a voice that could be twenty-two. It is pristine, pop-ready, without a trace of the passing years that must have threatened to bury him. They haven't. Instead of fronting a corporate logo band, he is placing songs, opening for the Beach Boys and racking up chart stats on several fronts. What a freaking late bloomer. You've gotta hear his "Save Me" for its sheer Adult Contemporary "dare ya" indulgence, like Bacharach on testosterone. He sports a bit of Fogelberg's earnestness and Marshall Crenshaw's enthusiasm. And yes, I admit, I do hear a bit of Christopher Cross in the mix. Steve Klingaman